I am beyond humbled and excited to be the Yoga Ambassador for Avazera.  

Such an honor!

My passionate friend, business buddy, super mom, wellness activist and just a fantastic woman Shiva Burnett is the creator of this home grown company Avazera.  The idea stemmed from her son's allergies to certain food and being left with very little to choose from when preparing meals making sure he got the important nutrients for his development.  Before she knew it, she was on the path of running a business and becoming an activist of this very lifestyle.  You can now find her product in various wellness outlets across the GTA.  Please read her story here: http://www.avazera.com/about/

As well as the beautiful products they offer, every season I write a yoga blog dedicated to the current season and the physical element.   It's awesome information with tips and tools you can apply to your daily life literally right away! You can find it here: http://www.avazera.com/blog/

From superfoods, to loose leaf tea, healing stones, yoga and nutrition workshops across the GTA, an online blog.....and OH! Did I mention the REWARDS PROGRAM for participating in all of this stuff?  Use my REFERRAL LINK for points and discounts! Check this out here: http://www.avazera.com/u/pattypat888